Assessment • Design • Supply • Install

MJ Lighting provides a seamless and efficient process for assessing and designing all retrofit and new LED installations. Our services begin with a no-obligation onsite assessment.
Service supervisor assessing led lighting installation


Our onsite assessment identifies the existing legacy lighting system through a lighting audit.  A custom solution is developed and an analysis of the current and future systems is provided including:

  • Cost comparison of fixtures/lamps
  • Wattage reduction
  • Power and maintenance savings
  • Incentives
  • Return on Investment

 MJ Lighting also completes and manages all necessary forms including:

  • Permits
  • Application for Manitoba Hydro Rebate
  • Application for financing


Photometric Lighting Layouts

Photometric Lighting Layouts

MJ Lighting’s design services may include providing layouts for new projects using our vast selection of Luminaires. Our layouts illustrate and ensure accurate spacing and the optimal brightness for your specific application.


LED lights

We provide a wide range of State of the Art lighting products from the world’s premier manufacturers and suppliers. From lay-in troffers and suspended linear lighting to LED solutions for recessed downlights, MJ Lighting strives to deliver innovative solutions that exceed industry standards.  

Lighting Controls

To maximize the effectiveness of your new installation MJ Lighting provides lighting controls for every application.  Lighting controls can be used to save energy, improve efficiency and easthetics.  Often the savings alone will cover the costs of properly controlled lighting.


MJ Lighting provides the highest standard of work and service from start to finish with attention to detail.  Our hassle-free service includes the installation of your new LED lighting system, done by our expert and fully qualified electricians.


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Lot Lighting
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