Return on Investment

Switching to an LED model can help companies cut their fixed costs dramatically. Lighting bills can be reduced by up to 80% and result in a quick payback of the initial investment.

The Manitoba Hydro Incentive Program provides significant rebates for lighting retrofits to an LED system.  Between the rebates, power savings and the reduction of maintenance, the return on investment on an LED Retrofit is often 2 years or less. MJ Lighting will show you how monthly payments can remain the same and upgrades can be done with no out of pocket cost. The energy savings from the upgrade can pay for the new LED system.

Actual Examples

Manitoba Hydro Incentive Program

LED T8 linear Lamp upgrade

LED T8 linear Lamp upgrade benefit chart
  • Prescriptive incentive pays 9% more, at $12/lamp
  • Reduced maintenance & revamping costs


LED Fixture upgrade

LED Fixture upgrade benefits table
  • Prescriptive incentive pays 9% more, at $12/lamp
  • Save on re-lamping, re-ballasting and associated maintenance cost


LED screw-in lamp upgrade

LED screw-in lamp upgrade benefits chart